New Edible Water Bottle Eliminates Wastefulness of Plastic Bottle

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We all know that plastic water bottles are wasteful, but many people feel that they’re a necessary evil. According to, Americans use 50 billion water bottles a year, “which requires 17 million barrels of oil.” Perhaps the most practical alternative is simply buying a reusable bottle that will last for years, but sometimes it isn’t practical, or it’s prohibited, to carry your own bottle.

When it comes to marathon pit stops and music festivals, Ooho might be the best option for quick, waste-free hydration. In a video made by NowThis Future, experts explain that Ooho is an orb of water that people can consume. The handheld sphere looks like a large water droplet, but it’s actually a natural combination of ingredients that form a ball with a peelable, biodegradable, and tasteless membrane to keep the water sanitary before it’s consumed.

IFLScience explains that Ooho is a combination of “drinking water with sodium alginate, which comes from brown seaweed…spoonfuls are put into a bath of calcium lactate, which is a salt that can be found in many items like baking powder, antacids, and cheese. Inside the bath, a gelatinous membrane begins to form, though the water stays liquid in the middle.” You can even make your own right at home to try it out. Check out a tutorial here.