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El Paso Hopes to Snag Amazon’s Second Headquarters

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Next year, Amazon will announce the location of their second headquarters in North America, and American cities like El Paso, Texas are eager to outshine the competition and prove to the company that they deserve the opportunity to house the massive company the most.

New York Magazine compares the competition to a “nationwide bake-off” where Chicago is showing off their public transportation, Detroit is exhibiting their closeness to Canada, and a group from Arizona sent Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos a giant saguaro cactus to stand out. Even Seattle, where the first headquarters are located, is asking Amazon to consider putting their second headquarters there, as well.

According to the El Paso Times, El Paso officials are very serious about attempting to “win” the Amazon headquarters, too. The city’s proposal, which is due October 19, 2017, will focus on the region and the Borderplex Alliance, “…a regional economic development organization based in El Paso, and government agencies and other organizations in Juárez and the Las Cruces area.”

Whichever city is granted the headquarters will become home to a $5 billion campus that will take around 15 years to fully develop. Eventually, it will house “50,000 high-paying jobs.” Amazon is only considering cities with over a million people with “creative” real estate options.