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El Paso County OK’s Firework Use and Sale for the Second Year in a Row

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Since the Forth of July falls on a Tuesday this year, many Texans are planning on celebrating from Friday the 30th all the way through to the 4th. Of course, celebratory plans surround the Forth often involve colorful little explosions called fireworks, but not everyone lives somewhere that allows them to set them off. This year, El Paso county residents can rejoice – they’ve been given the go ahead by the El Paso County Commissioners to let the fireworks fly in unincorporated areas.

Fireworks were allowed last year in the county after a five year long ban, but citizens weren’t sure if they were going to be given the green light this year due to drought. “The index must reach 575 before June 15 in order for the county judge to declare an emergency disaster declaration and ask the governor to restrict the sales of sticks and fins fireworks. Those are considered more dangerous because they shoot into the air and are hard to control,” the El Paso Times explains. The index hit 528 last week, low enough to allow fireworks.

According to KVIA, El Paso county is ready for the influx in public and private fireworks displays, much more so than they were last year. County commissioner Vince Perez adds that they’re working with vendors, as well, to “make sure that a lot of the trash is picked up afterward.”