Elderly Dallas Woman Falls Victim to a Lottery Scam

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In December, an 85-year-old Dallas woman was lead to believe that she won $600,000. After opening a letter that stated it was from Publishers Clearing House, she called the number listed to claim her prize.

Sadly, CBS DFW writes that it was all a scam. Once she dialed the number, she was told she needed to send $6,000 in cash to pay the taxes on her win before she would receive the big check. When the check finally came in, she went to the bank to cash it. The bank broke the news to the elderly woman that it was fraudulent.

The Dallas Police Department has detectives on the case, but in the meantime, they urge families to warn their elderly members of incidents like these. They wrote on their blog, DPD Beat, “This is a reminder, please do not give money to anyone you do not know. If you receive any mail asking for a large amount of money, please do not engage them and call the police to report the suspicious activity.”

A copy of the letter was uploaded by the Dallas Police here as a reference for those who might receive the scam in their mailbox soon.