Watch as Elephants Run to Rescue Calf That Fell Into the Water

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Elephants are known to have a strong sense of community, and they even take the time to grieve when they lose one of their friends or family members. They also come to each other’s rescue, as seen in a new viral video of two elephants rescuing a calf.

KHOU says that the video was filmed at the Seoul Grand Park Zoo in South Korea. The two elephants who hurried to the rescue of the baby are the calf’s mother and aunt, but they aren’t the only two elephants who want to take action. An elephant blocked off by a barrier in the background runs back and forth frantically, obviously wishing it could help the situation, too.

Watching the gentle giants work together to ensure that calf gets to higher ground is an incredible sight. In the comment section of the YouTube video, a viewer named Ian says to watch closely at 13 seconds into the clip when one elephant nudges the other as if to form a plan. “I have this feeling the first elephant was in shock…I don’t want to anthropomorphize it too much, just that’s how it seems,” he writes.