The Embassy Theater in San Antonio Gets a Makeover

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Have you noticed that movie theaters have become quite a bit fancier lately? The Embassy in San Antonio is no exception as their grand re-opening showed off a whole new vibe to their previously typical movie-going experience. writes that the Embassy 14 in the Hill Country Village area of North San Antonio held a big party this week to introduce guests and the media to the new “full-service bar and movie memorabilia in its elegant new lobby to complement the all-laser projection and boffo sound that await moviegoers inside its 14 auditoriums.”

Since home theaters have become more accessible, and more and more Americans are opting to stay home and watch Netflix or order movies on-demand, traditional movie theaters are stepping up the level of experience that customers can enjoy to entice them to get off of the couch and head out to see a film. Big comfy chairs with little tables, delicious drinks, and snazzy interior designs will make many people excited to go out to the movies once again.

Santikos runs the Embassy 14 location, which is one of eight Santikos Theatres in San Antonio, and several more locations are open in the Houston area.

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