Emergency Preparedness: Expect the Unexpected in Texas this Spring

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With each change of season here in Texas comes the likelihood that a storm of some fashion will arise. Our state is often synonymous with tornado occurrences and flash-flooding as a result. When it comes to such incidents, it often seems like we’re at the mercy of Mother Nature. However, emergency preparedness doesn’t have to be a challenge.

Over the course of time, Texans have become a hardy group of people. In many instances, we’re able to plan ahead. In some cases, our emergency teams have the great capacity to come to our rescue. Sometimes, we’re even the ones out chasing the storms. However, it appears that the best course of action is always to expect the unexpected in Texas in the springtime. One never knows when the spark of a lightning strike will set off a brush fire, or the winds will kick up a dust storm like we’ve never before seen. Being as prepared in advance as we possibly can will help avoid potential disaster. Watching our weather reports, staying abreast of road conditions, and securing our homes, properties, and vehicles from an incident are the best we can do. Spring weather in Texas can be a mixed bag, but being prepared for it doesn’t have to seem like an exercise in futility.

Emergency Preparedness: Expect the Unexpected in Texas this Spring

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When the possibility of flooding, fire, hurricanes, and tornados might be on the horizon, there are emergency preparedness tips and plans that shouldn’t be overlooked by yourself or your family. Protocols for varying emergencies can and should be put into place. Go-bags can be coordinated that include fresh drinking water, snacks, warm clothes, a first-aid kit, and so-on, depending on the naturally occurring event you’re planning for. Shelters other than your home, safe meeting spaces, and high ground (in the instance of flooding) can all be researched in advance, and a list prepared at the ready for family members to look over and learn.

Emergency Preparedness: Expect the Unexpected in Texas this Spring

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Advanced wildfire property preparation and evacuation routes can be coordinated for family and friends to stick together and stay safe. Knowing the differences between a “watch,” an “advisory,” and a “warning” in terms of weather reports and pending danger can make all the difference in avoiding injury or worse. Although emergency preparedness can get a bad rep through prepper jokes online, saving your family and friends from extreme springtime weather conditions is serious business. You can do it, if you source the right outlets for aid, monitoring, and mapping in advance. In like a lion and out like a lamb (or vice versa) is generally the rule, but when have you ever known Texas weather to play by the book?