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Experience the Enchanted Triangle: Fredericksburg, Llano, & Mason

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Fredericksburg, Llano, and Mason form a triangle with Enchanted Rock at the center. The landscape is bright with spring colors, and on a weekday, there is no traffic on the county roads.

Curious cows along Highway 29 between Llano and Mason.

Mason County

Photo: Robert C Deming

Art United Methodist Church, built 1890. 

Art United Methodist Church

Photo: Robert C Deming

The Methodists split over the Civil War; there were two churches across the road from each other. When the two branches reconciled, the wooden church was dragged across the road and attached to the stone church (see it on the right side of the building). This church has a strong congregation today. It is eight miles east of Mason on Hwy 29.

Pit Boss delivers delicious BBQ

Coopers BBQ Mason

Photo: Robert C Deming

Coopers BBQ in Mason isn’t connected to other area Coopers BBQ’s. That’s just what you call a BBQ restaurant out here.

Scott’s Slab across the Llano River between Llano and Mason

Scotts Slab on the Llano

Photo: Robert C Deming

There are two low water crossings and a bridge between Llano and Mason. With recent rains there is water flowing over the road.

Simonsville Road, Mason County

Simonsville Road South of Mason
Photo: Robert C Deming

This road is south of Mason; all the county roads are beautiful, there is no correct route.

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