How Energy Expensive is Texas?

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Energy expenses. This is the buzzword with all of the summer heat. For many Texans, you are not surprised when you see a dramatic spike in your energy costs during the dog days of summer. But, what causes the spike other than the soaring temperatures? Is a lower rate better or worse?

Wallet Hub recently conducted a study to determine which states were the most and least “energy expensive.” The study compared the annual average energy bills of all 50 states and compared them across the types of energy used which were: electricity, natural gas, motor fuel and home heating oil. Let’s take a look at the results and see where Texas stacked up.

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Connecticut was ranked as the most expensive in total energy cost. The combination of high costs for electricity and home heating oil both contributed to the largest overall cost per month. Rounding out the top five for most expensive were: Alaska (#2), Rhode Island (#3), Massachusetts (#4), and Wyoming (#5). Wyoming also had the highest expense for monthly motor fuel.

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At the bottom of the list, the District of Columbia finds itself at #51 with the lowest overall cost of energy per month. With a low price for electricity and a low average amount of motor fuel, D.C. was hard to beat. Rounding out the bottom five were: Washington (#50), Colorado (#49), Oregon (#48), and Illinois (#47). Both Illinois and Colorado boast an average expense of $0 for home heating oil.

How did Texas stack up? Texas was ranked at #22 on overall cost of energy expenses at $283 per month. The average electricity cost was $153 per month, ranking it at #7 in that particular category, but high marks in motor fuel costs and natural gas added to the overall numbers. No surprise that Texas averages $0 per month cost in home heating oil.

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