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Most Effective Ways to Enjoy the Heck Out of Galveston

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There’s “good” times and then there’s “great” times, and the latter is what you’ll find in Galveston, Texas. So great in fact, that Glen Campbell sang a hit song about it, back in the days before Schlitterbahn Waterpark and Pleasure Pier even existed! Found on the shores of the Texas Gulf Coast, this city has some great attractions to bring family or friends to, and plenty of history. Being as big as it is now doesn’t preclude it from having its share of hurricane issues coming off the Gulf of Mexico. On the contrary, today you’ll find a good handful of historical buildings and homes (mansions really) that survived the tragic Great Galveston Hurricane of 1900, which made landfall on September 8. They’re quite proud of their history by the sea, and you would be amazed with the architecture and design elements that can withstand the test of time.

Most Effective Ways to Enjoy the Heck out of Galveston

Photo: Flickr/Katie Haugland Bowen

Speaking of being by the sea, fishing in Galveston is leaps and bounds ahead of many other vacation places in the US. If you’re packing gear, the city is situated approximately an hour’s drive southeast from Houston. If you’re not however, then you can come from anywhere and local outfitters can set you up. Fishing from a pier, offshore, or deep sea: this city has it all. If you’re not looking to catch anything but maybe some glances while you tan your gleaming white Texas body (from that awesome winter we’ve been having), then the beach is a great place to visit. Anticipate some crowds as younger people like to play hooky during weekdays to hit the shores, and if you’re there in summertime, well dang. You have to know it’s going to be a hotspot for sure!

Most Effective Ways to Enjoy the Heck out of Galveston
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