Entertain the Kiddos This Summer with This DIY Tire See-Saw Project

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Better Homes and Gardens has a great project for you that’s easy to complete and will delight the youngsters with this tire see-saw.

Summer is coming, and it’s always great to have the kids out of school for the summer and spend some quality time with them. However, providing activities day in and day out can be exhausting, and not to mention, expensive. This DIY project, brought to you by Better Homes and Gardens Australia, is the solution for bored kids and tight budget.

Using a tire, a few pieces of plywood, and spray paint, you can craft the perfect-sized see-saw in the time it takes the paint to dry. This project is excellent, also, because most see-saws can be dangerous as they go very high in the air. This one, however, doesn’t go too far off the ground so safety isn’t an issue.

You’ll get so much joy from seeing them play on this project you made yourself that you may even forget it only cost you less than $15! Head out to your garage this weekend and see how you can customize this project.

I’ll bet spray painting it two different colors, meeting at the halfway point, would make a fun competition for the kids, too.