Country Legend Ernest Tubb Sings “Waltz Across Texas” [WATCH]

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Ernest Tubb, “The Texas Troubadour,” was born in Crisp, Texas back in 1914 and before anybody knew what had happened he was headed to Nashville with a guitar case and a dream.

Crisp is nothing now but a ghost town. During the Great Depression, FDR set up the Works Progress Administration and Ernest Tubb dug ditches for them. The pay was low, the work was grueling, and the Texas songwriter had no intention of living that way forever.

He had a radio show out in San Angelo for a while, and before long that signature voice was what figured to change his life. By 1941, the world knew Ernest Tubb. His hit song “Walking the Floor Over You” blazed the trail for other honky tonk singing country and western stars, and the rest is history.

“Waltz Across Texas”, written by Tubb’s Nephew Quanah, became one of his best-known songs. It eventually was recorded by Willie Nelson and the pair actually sang a duet of on the singer’s 1978 star-studded tribute album, The Legend and the Legacy. 

But nothing beats an original, and Nelson would readily admit it.

Watch as Texas legend Ernest Tubb sings “Waltz Across Texas” live in 1968: