Escape: Just How Clever Are You?

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Game masters watch players solve the puzzles, and may even be called on to provide hints. While some games have a scary component, such as a zombie in the room, most are not constructed around frightening experiences.

The exterior view give no clues as to what awaits inside.

Escape Exterior View

Photo: Robert C Deming

This is the exterior of Hill Country Escape in Fredericksburg. The three games inside are a family business, and this family is made up of very, very clever people. Can you beat the clock and find the solutions?


– About the Author –

Robert C Deming lives in Fredericksburg, where he is a financial advisor and a novelist. Robert is active in community affairs, an avid hiker, and frequent kayaker of Texas rivers. He is the author of four novels, three of them mysteries starring a Texas Park Police Officer.

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