Escaped Inmate Found at the Madisonville Buc-ees

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Dominic Potter was staying in the Galveston County Jail while waiting for a trial regarding a forgery charge. Now the inmate will find himself in even more trouble. On Monday night, Potter was taking out the trash at the jail when he decided to make a run for it. He stole a car and headed north. After an alert went out to law enforcement, the vehicle was spotted in the Madisonville Buc-ees parking lot.

According to ABC 13, “The deputy followed the vehicle, but Potter bailed out of the car, ran through the Buc-ees store, out the back exit and into the woods.” He couldn’t be found, so at this point, Potter is still on the run.

Many are wondering how Potter was able to escape so easily in the first place. KHOU says one of the truck gates were open and the inmate was able to run through it before it slid closed. He was outside only to take out the trash since he worked in the jail’s kitchen. KHOU also writes that when he was found at the Buc-ees about 100 miles away, he was already inside the store when he saw a deputy walk in. Potter then ran out the back.

The Galveston County Sheriff’s Office hopes that someone with information on Potter will call (409) 766-2322.