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Essential Tips to Make the Most of Your Fredericksburg Wine Tour

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It will soon be Galentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and then springtime in the Texas Hill Country, and those are three good reasons right there to plan a wine tour in Fredericksburg. But even if you didn’t need a reason, and this was already on your wine bucket list, there are a few essentials tips you need to sew up this type of soiree into one that you’ll never forget. Read on to see what you and your gal pals, boyfriend, husband, or whatever permutations and combinations you come up with, will need to know before hitting the Fredericksburg wine trail like tasting pros!

Consider a Wine Tour Shuttle & Visit 3 to 4 Wineries Per Day

Essential Tips to Make the Most of Your Fredericksburg Wine Tour

Photo: Facebook/Heart of Texas Wine Tours

Make the most of your tour time by coordinating a shuttle company to negotiate/navigate the wineries you might like to visit on your tour. They can not only figure out best distances and travel times between locations, but they may also have a vast local knowledge that you can tap into. Invariably, they also have some wherewithal and repartee with the winery staff, and may even be able to get you access to the owner(s) to ask the questions you might not otherwise get answers to. And hitting three to four wineries per day allows for the tastes of all of your tour pals to be satiated. Dry, sweet, fruity, sparkling… there are many options that a taster can lean towards, and choosing from a multitude of varietals at a multitude of wineries always works.

Eat, Taste, Shop, Repeat!

Essential Tips to Make the Most of Your Fredericksburg Wine Tour

Photo: Facebook/Zero 815 Winery

Fredericksburg has many wonderful places to enjoy the Texas Hill Country shopping and epicureanism, and many restaurants also serve wines from the local area as well as the state. A visit to Fredericksburg wouldn’t be complete without a walking tour of the shops to complement the wine tour you’re on. There are even satellite tasting rooms for some of the local wineries, located directly within the downtown shopping area. Depending on the time of day, they may be bustling, but it’s a great way to taste several different Texas wines that may have production facilities located elsewhere. The added bonus for these tasting rooms is that they’re within walking distance of each other-no driving required!

What’s Your Hurry? Stay a While

Essential Tips to Make the Most of Your Fredericksburg Wine Tour

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Add another level of depth to this wine tasting tour by spending some time in one or two of Fredericksburg’s great selections of accommodations. From gorgeous Texas Hill Country luxury retreats and ranch homes to cozy, historic cabins, this is the place to find it all. There are various guides and booking companies online with plenty of reviews to help you refine your search. And if you’d prefer it (and many do) wineries such as Grape Creek Vineyard and Messina Hof Winery & Resort have villas or bed & breakfast-style accommodations to truly immerse yourself in the wine tour experience.