Everything’s Sweeter in Texas

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By April Bogus
     Photos by April Bogus

We all know that everything really is sweeter in Texas. So do Konrad and Elizabeth Bouffard, who own round Rock Honey Company. The main focus of this particular operation is superior quality during every step of the honey making process. In efforts to produce the best honey possible, Konrad has personally tried over 1,000 types of honey from all over the world at his own personal expense, learning from each honey’s unique flavor profile.

Everything's Sweeter in Texas

Not only is Round Rock Honey made from local Texas wildflowers, it is never heated or filtered, making it some of the best local honey around. Did you know that landscape, temperature, drought conditions and rainfall can all effect a honey bee colony’s productivity? That’s part of the reason wildflower honey offers an unpredictable yield.

Since quality is the name of the game, not quantity, the honey is removed at room temperature by centrifuge. This means that the pollens, complex sugars and natural occurring minerals are never compromised by an unneeded a heating or filtering process. This is truly raw honey at its best!

Everything's Sweeter in Texas

If getting up close and super personal is your bag, Konrad is your man. With 10 years of teaching experience, Konrad and his group lead a Beekeeping School on Saturday and Sundays. These 3-hour classes are designed to provide an introduction on bees, beekeeping and honey production. Konrad offers these classes in hopes that providing hands on educational courses will offer the student not only more insight into the process of beekeeping and honey making, but to spark an interest to start their own beekeeping journey.

Interested in learning more about the bottling process? Take the Honey House Tour! This one-hour tour highlights the history of Round Rock honey, while also discussing their hives and harvesting methods. Don’t forget the honey tasting at the end of the tour, and pick up some choice goods such as Round Rock Honey beeswax candles, lip balm, and of course fresh honey. To purchase your own Round Rock Honey, tour the bottling facility or schedule a Beekeeping course, be sure to visit