The Evolution of the Truck in the Great State of Texas

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With the possibility of having your truck outgrow your home here in Texas, we thought we’d take a closer look at the evolution of pickups in the Lone Star State. We have some pretty proud truck owners. And, they’re not necessarily favoring any one particular make or model, but simply outdoing their next-door neighbor on shininess, big tires, and sometimes, loud exhaust. Here are some shining examples of the evolution of the truck in the state of Texas.

1. 1980s

The Evolution of the Truck in the State of Texas

Photo: Facebook/Jeep HK

Sturdy, useful, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Oh whoops – got sidetracked a little there while drooling over this 1980s Jeep beauty. Would you love to have had one of these trucks sitting in your yard? Even to this day that would be a truck fan’s dream come true!

2. 1990s

The Evolution of the Truck in the State of Texas

Photo: Facebook/John Kelty, your Automotive Sales Professional

Bigger, tougher, and more lift, this 1998 Dodge Ram with a lift kit shows we were aiming for higher hair, higher debt, and higher trucks! These days, some of us need step ladders to get into the trucks those in their 20s are driving. We might pop a hip!

3. 2017

The Evolution of the Truck in the State of Texas

Photo: Facebook/Diesel truck addicts

Bigger still, chromier…cleaned up and ready to work on the ranch? Nope, ready to cruise the interstate, or make a milk run to 7-Eleven! We love our trucks, and we love them tricked out, souped up, and ready to ride us around in style.