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Burnet Activities for Any Time of the Year You Wish to Visit

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If you find yourself in the Highland Lakes, don’t miss out on a trip to Burnet. The area boasts of several family-friendly activities in addition to things just for adults. Add these Burnet things to do to your next trip itinerary to ensure you don’t miss out on anything in the region.

1. Sweet Berry Farm

Pick your own berries in the spring give Sweet Berry Farm its name

Photo: Facebook/Sweet Berry Farm, Marble Falls

Though not a year-round activity, in the spring and fall, you must visit Sweet Berry Farm. This farm has pick-your-own berries and other produce products in the spring while the fall features pumpkin patches, hay rides, mazes, and other activities. The best part about this place is it’s free to get in, but each activity has a separate fee, and Sweet Berry Farm does not accept credit cards.

2. Fort Croghan

Add Fort Croghan to your Burnet things to do list is you're a history buff

Photo:   Facebook/Fort Croghan Grounds and Museum Burnet, Texas

Among Burnet things to do, Fort Croghan is a must for history lovers. Once a working fort on the frontier, today this site features a museum of Texan life in the 1800s. You’ll also see cabins, a blacksmith shop, and powder house on the grounds. Though free to get in, the museum only operates from April through October. One of the secrets of Fort Croghan is its research room. If you have interest in history or genealogy, you cannot miss a visit to this resource for records of families and service members from Texas in the 1800s. To access the room, call for reservations.

3. Perissos Vineyard

Perissos Vineyards tasting room should be among your Burnet things to do

Photo: Facebook/Perissos Vineyard and Winery

For the adults, a trip to Perissos Vineyard should not be missed in your listing of Burnet things to do. This vineyard and winery offers wine tastings Thursdays through Sundays from 12 to 5 p.m. Private group tours and weddings are also options for visitors with reservations and the appropriate fees based on the event size. Unlike some other wineries, Perissos Vineyard uses 100 percent Texas grapes in its wines, and a large proportion of those grapes come from its vineyards. For adults-only fun, check out this winery.

4. Longhorn Cavern State Park

Longhorn Cavern State Park near Burnet

Photo: Facebook/Longhorn Cavern State Park – Texas Parks and Wildlife

Though many other caves of the Texas Hill Country are found further south, you can still go spelunking near Burnet. Longhorn Cavern State Park includes activities around the cave in addition to tours of the cave itself. If you just want to explore the surface or have a picnic in the area, the cost is free, but for a tour of the cave, you’ll have to pay for admission for one of the many guided tours. Among Burnet things to do, this is the most comfortable activity as the cave stays as a comfortable 68 degrees Fahrenheit all year long.

5. Inks Lake State Park

Burnet Things to Do Should Include a Trip to Inks Lake State Park

Photo: Facebook/Trips to Discover TX

Though you may not want to go into the water in the winter, Inks Lake State Park still has hiking, geocaching, and other activities to make it a great destination all year long. Don’t miss the scenic waterfalls near the devil’s waterhole swimming area. These falls do not always flow, but when there is enough water for Valley Spring Creek to run, the waterfalls make a stunning place to explore and photograph.