Exclusive 2nd-edition Selena Bags from HEB up for Grabs this Christmas

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HEB has just made the wishes of thousands of Selena fans come true. The grocery chain announced on Facebook, appropriately enough on #SelenaDay (November 3), that they are releasing another round of the limited-edition Selena bags to be available in December. “We heard our fans,” shared the grocery chain as they prepared for the launch of this newest release.

If you recall, the first edition broke the internet, so-to-speak, with thousands of fans vying for the bag online and forming long lines in the store to get their hands on the one-of-a-kind bag. The YouTube video below from KHOU 11 highlights the announcement of the anticipated new, limited-edition Selena tote bags.

The “Queen of Tejano,” as she was known to many adoring fans, Selena continues to reign in the hearts of thousands. The rollout of these bags goes to show the neverending love affair with her and her music. These dedicated fans are more than happy to stand in line and or in some cases pay a higher price than the original $2 cost of the bag if purchased online by an outside vendor such as eBay.

HEB is giving fans the opportunity to sign up in advance on its website ( to be the first to know when the limited edition bags will be available online and at the stores. With what’s sure to be another sell-out, be sure to sign up online to be notified of the availability of these second-edition bags to be released sometime in December. They’re sure to make the perfect gift under the tree for that die-hard Selena fan in your life this holiday season.