They Execute a Good Meal at The Grand Central Café

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What better way to satisfy your appetite than to dine under the same roof as a film family of cannibals?! The Grand Central Café reopened to serve guests in 2013. The house itself is infamous as the location where “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” movie was filmed, however the owners no longer try hard to emphasize that connection as much as the focus on a great meal and a good time. Fans, however, still seek out the location and love to post their pictures on social media, having eaten and “checked in” at the home of Leatherface, and that’s something the restaurant certainly doesn’t mind.

The Atmosphere is To-Die-For!

They Execute a Good Meal at The Grand Central Café

Photo: Facebook/BuzzFeed Entertainment

Constructed in what’s believed to be 1909, the Victorian house was originally set in Williamson County, Texas, where the city of Round Rock now sits. Home to a series of families as well as students, the house also became the set for the original 1974 Texas Chainsaw Massacre film. The house was then bought by The Antlers Hotel in 1998, after which it was dismantled and moved to Kingsland. It was fully refurbished, and after first being leased as the Junction House Restaurant, it is now known as The Grand Central Café.

What’s the Adage? “Curiosity Killed the…”

They Execute a Good Meal at The Grand Central Café

Photo: Facebook/Stacy Farmer

If you’re looking for a great meal and the novel ability to say, “I ate there!!” be sure to make your reservations with the specific request to be seated in the infamous dining room setting for the movie. And the current curators have quite the beverage menu laid out if you’re looking for more film fun. Drinks such as Leatherface Lemonade and Bloody Massacre (a Bloody Mary made with a ghost pepper-infused vodka) are sure to tweak your curiosity. Just remember…curiosity killed the cat!