Exotic Cars in Demand for Stylish Super Bowl Rides

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Out-of-towners and Houstonians hoping to show off a little are requesting expensive and glamorous cars from Auto Exotic Rental in time for the Super Bowl.

While KHOU says the pricey SUVs like Escalades are already “sold out” for the first weekend in February, there’s still time to call Auto Exotic to make sure you turn heads while sitting in traffic. “Because we’re privately owned, we’re more flexible. So we’ll find a way to work with you so we can cater to at least meet that demand,” marketing director Toby Nguyen told the news.

The company says that Aston Martin and Lamborghini Aventador are the most desired two sports cars. According to Auto Exotic’s website, they say the Aston Martin Roadster can be a more exciting ride than a Porsche and more efficient than an Audi. The Lamborghini Aventador, on the other, hand has the angular yet sleek look that will everyone taking notice.

But just as they aren’t cheap to buy, they aren’t bargains to rent, especially on the busy weekend. In fact, the pricing for Aventador will jump from $1,200/weekend to $6,000/weekend.

If you’re interested in flashy cars, keep your eyes peeled around NRG Stadium and the new Marriott in early February.