YouTube’s BackyardExploration Visits Failed $1.6 Billion Housing Project

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Since 2012, the man behind the YouTube channel BackyardExploration has explored “things in and around Missouri, mostly in the St. Louis area.” He has about 41K subscribers and well over 4.5 million views between his 85 videos, and it’s easy to see why. It’s fun to join him on his adventures while lazily sitting behind a computer screen where you can take in the strange sights without having to physically trail blaze the odd places he goes that could be dangerous (and perhaps illegal).

In a video uploaded late last month, BackyardExploration takes us to a “Whole Subdivision of Abandoned McMansions.” As he explains in the description, “This was supposed to be a $1.6 billion project with vacation homes, a resort hotel, golf course, and the second largest indoor water park in the country. Unfortunately, construction began one year before the great recession of 2007, and the project was abandoned in 2009. The failure of this project saw that two individuals were sentenced to 5 year jail terms for committing bank fraud.”

It’s sad to see the abandoned housing project with tons of wasted material, but it’s also interesting to view the weird dystopia that became of the potential mansions.