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Extreme Heat Throughout Texas: CDC Issues Advisories, and Burn Bans are In High Effect

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The heat continues throughout Texas this week, with triple digits anticipated in the majority of the northern part of the state during the tail end of this week. Meteorologists are advising that people take precautions as the heat index is predicted to be between 102 and 106 as we close out the week. North Texans are asked to watch for signs of possible heat exhaustion and to check on friends and family with health issues. Similarly, young children and pets are to be kept under close watch both outdoors and indoors. Under no circumstances, should they ever be left unattended in a parked vehicle.

Water is also the order of the day. Officials are advising that, where possible, people stay indoors, however if you are required to go outside, try to consume one cup three times over the course of an hour. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have advised that you start to consume water prior to becoming thirsty in an effort to stave-off dehydration. It also aids in the body’s natural cooling system. By the same token, wear clothing which is light in color, light in weight, and fits your body loosely.

As a result of this extreme heat, there is an increased risk for grass fires over the coming days, and the Texas A&M Forest Service has provided a map of outdoor burn bans which are in effect. This weather pattern is also anticipated to continue through next week, so Texans are advised to keep their eyes open for any issues or potential fire hazards.