Facebook Post Leads to Stabbing in San Antonio

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In San Antonio this weekend, a Facebook post lead to a major confrontation within a family. The negative post resulted in a woman suffering a stab wound to her stomach.

The victim, who is in her 20s, headed to the 2400 block of Rivas Street after she saw a post on Facebook from her relative. After she arrived at the relative’s home, the situation got very heated. It reached the point that the man actually stabbed the woman who was inquiring about the social media post. According to News4SanAntonio, he immediately fled the scene of the crime after stabbing her in the stomach one time.

San Antonio police officer, Steve Alamnza, told KSAT, “We don’t know if he was the one who made the original post. It could have been someone in the household.” They’re also not sure how the two are related yet; so much of this story has yet to be revealed.

As of Monday morning, no arrest had been made yet, and the victim is expected to heal from the incident. It’s tragic to hear of another case where words written on social media lead to a terrifying physical altercation.