New Viral Facebook Post Says Tilapia is Toxic, But is it True?

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Search for the word “tilapia” on Facebook, and you’ll get numerous results, from articles saying the fish is dangerous to consume, to a viral photo that states “eating tilapia is worse than eating bacon or a hamburger,” “you can’t find tilapia in the wild,” and “this fish is boneless.” But is there any truth to these claims that are spreading like wildfire across Facebook?

KHOU says that the picture post featuring the outrageous bullet points, including that dioxin in the fish, can cause cancer, is overall false. Of course, fish can contain toxins, but if you make sure the fish you’re eating was raised in clean conditions, you should be fine. Also, tilapia can be found in the wild. “It’s not a single type of fish. Instead, it’s the name for nearly a hundred species of fish commonly found in Africa and the Middle East,” the news explains.

When it comes to comparing the fish to a bacon burger, while tilapia is low in Omega-3s, which are normally high in fish, it doesn’t mean the food is bad for you. In fact, it’s rather low in calories and fat. And finally, tilapia do have bones, but boneless fillets can be prepared. While conditions involving mass farming of the fish might upset many, this particular viral Facebook post doesn’t have the facts to urge people to not eat tilapia.