Those Fun Online Quizzes Could Be Stealing Your Identity

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Though it may be very tempting to see which 80s song best represents you or which Golden Girl you are, some articles are warning that taking random social media quizzes simply isn’t worth it. Don’ and say that these seemingly benign quizzes could be stealing your personal information.

Many social media quizzes will simply want to get your email address, or they just want to gain a “like” for a popularity boost, but a few will try to leech info that can help take your identity. One way they do this is if you click “allow” when it asks if the site can access your friends and activity on your social media account. This happens right before you take the quiz, and often, people click right through it and don’t read the fine print to see what the app will suddenly have access to on your account. Also, within the quiz, “They might ask you questions that seem harmless, but the answers could give scammers the info they need to steal your identity. For instance, ‘What street did you grow up on?’ may also be a security question for an online account,” Don’t Waste Your Money writes.

It’s best to only take quizzes from apps you known and trust, and go through all of your social media settings to make sure you didn’t allow access to an untrustworthy app in the past.