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Facebook Fort Worth Data Center: Zuckerberg ‘Likes’ Texas

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A 100% wind-powered facility that hires US veterans at (presently) 43% of its full-time workforce is the brainchild of the Facebook corporation, and it’s happening in Fort Worth. On January 17, Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook founder and CEO) posted an update on his tour of the facility and the progress the company is making towards full completion and implementation.

Zuckerberg Takes in the Fort Worth Sights

Fort Worth Data Center: Facebook ‘Likes’ Texas

Photo: Facebook/Mark Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg was Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price’s front-row guest at the Will Rogers Coliseum for the Bulls’ Night Out Rodeo and took a break at the Stock Show on Tuesday night for a personal tour. Making Fort Worth his first stop on a trip which will encompass seeing all 50 states in 2017, he toured Facebook’s expansive data center which is being constructed in the north end of the city.

Jobs and Productivity

Fort Worth Data Center: Facebook ‘Likes’ Texas

Photo: Facebook/DPR Construction

Built on the aptly named Like Way in Fort Worth the Facebook Data Center is proposed to include five buildings with a footprint totaling close to 2.5 million square feet. It presently has approximately 1,000 employees and the potential to be fully complete and operational by the end of this calendar year. The facility in the city’s north end (which has been earmarked for such projects and proposed growth) will be Facebook’s fifth such centers and has been labeled as “one of the most advanced in the world”.