3 Things You Didn’t Know About Center Point, Texas

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In the middle of Kerr County there is a quaint Texas town with a very appropriate name: Center Point, Texas. Primarily known as a getaway retreat and a hub for small manufacturing, the community has a colorful history to go along with its breathtaking scenery. Here are a few more things you might not know.

1. It Was Originally Named Zanzenburg

Center Point in the middle of it all

Photo: Flickr/Charlie McRae

When Dr. Charles Ganahl founded the town by opening and operating the post office out of his home, he thought of paying homage to his ancestral homeland and thus named the town Zanzenburg. As the area grew, with many residents migrating in from Tennessee, the post office was moved to a more central location and a community building was built. Because of the central location, the name was changed.

2. It Is Located Between Two Major Centers of Trade

Lazy Sunday on the Guadalupe

Photo: Flickr/Bob Nelson

Another reason the community retained its name was also due to its location between two major centers of trade: Comfort and Kerrville. While Comfort and Kerrville were both bigger trade centers, Zanzenburg/Center Point established itself as a middle man between the two communities, providing essential trade necessities to both operations, and providing a good stopping point for businessmen travelling between the two.

3. Is One of the Largest Unincorporated Communities in Texas

The Old Manufacturer

Photo: Flickr/Richard Childress

As the community grew, citizens attempted to incorporate the town and become an official municipality. It seemed the only logical move. The first attempt was in 1913. Citizens voted. A mayor, city clerk, and health commissioner were appointed. Later that year, citizens voted to dissolve the incorporation.

Fast forward to the mid-1990s and a similar event took place. Citizens voted on incorporation, but two years later they decided to dissolve once again. Not much is known about the exact reasoning behind the dissolving, but this hardy and welcoming Hill Country community seems to be getting on just fine being unincorporated.

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