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You Can Visit a Fairy Garden in Texas: Can Life Get Any Better?

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Named for the trees that call it home, Davey Dogwood Park in Palestine, Texas, features the delicate beauty of the namesake species found there and in the surrounding area. During the last two weekends in March, each year, it hosts the Dogwood Trails Arts & Music Festival. The event celebrates the sights and sounds coming from the area in creative arts and compliments the space wonderfully. Another amazing secret it holds this spring is a fairy realm, and it welcomes visitors to see it! This year’s dates to enjoy its majesty are March 22 through May 31.

You Can Visit a Fairy Garden in Texas: Can Life Get Any Better?

Photo: Instagram/palestinetx

Davey Dogwood Park provides visitors with a color-coded map for tours through the park. If you look closely, you’ll see a small fairy that denotes the entrance to the Fairy Garden Trail. Here, you’ll begin a journey that’s filled with everything from fairy homes to a school and all manner of community buildings you could imagine. Of course, you will be making use of your imagination quite thoroughly, but it won’t be hard for your children to picture friendly fairy beings amongst the trees, leaves, and grass, after they see the stunning intricacy of these carved cottages and homes.

You Can Visit a Fairy Garden in Texas: Can Life Get Any Better?

Photo: Instagram/myetx

Along the tour, guests can see where the inhabitants of the Fairy Garden Trail play, work, and sleep. Around the same time as the dogwood trees are blossoming and the magic of spring is all around you, it’s easy to see little fairies in the mind’s eye, magically going about their business. Davey Dogwood Park staff make it easy for visitors to experience all of it with this creative community and trail. Truly tiny homes built from combinations of twigs and popsicle sticks are complemented by miniature garden landscapes featuring river rocks and little gemstones. It’s really an enchanting sight to see. The hours for viewing are 7:30 a.m. through 7:30 p.m. and those planning to make the trip can learn more on the official Palestine web link available here. You can also view further details or ask questions at the Visit Palestine Facebook page here.