Faith-Based Movie is the Box-Office Dark Horse Debut

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“I Can Only Imagine,” the true story of singer/songwriter Bart Millard of the group MercyMe surprised critics and big budget releases such as “Tomb Raider,” as it debuted in its opening weekend to the tune of  “$17.1 million from 1,629 theaters,” shared the Hollywood Reporter.

The faith-based movie based on the life of Millard living with his abusive father is a true story of love, forgives and redemption that resonated with audiences across the country as it showcased its strength to captivate audiences and touch their hearts in ways not even the box office results imagined. “I Can Only Imagine earned an estimated $1.7 million, almost as much as Tomb Raider ($1.8 million), and not that far behind Black Panther ($2.2 million),” shared the Hollywood Reporter from the weekend results announced on Monday, March 19th.

Below is the trailer and a peek at the movie that is captivating audiences worldwide with its true story behind the best-selling Christian song to date.

“It definitely shows that if you build a good movie, this audience will come out,” says Roadside co-president Howard Cohen, noting that I Can Only Imagine is Roadside’s biggest opening in history,” shared in an article by the Hollywood Reporter.

Critics seemed to embrace the movie as it was given a 67 percent rating on the highly acclaimed movie review site Rotten Tomatoes. The movie’s “grass-roots marketing” and endorsements by not only Millard and his group but Dennis Quaid, who plays Bart’s father in the movie, helped highlight the film. This, along with a push on Christian Radio stations, and interviews with media outlets were all keys to promoting its success.

This Hill Country writer had the distinct honor of interviewing and meeting the group, and songwriter behind the success of the beloved song, “I Can Only Imagine.” Having the opportunity to view an advance screening, I can definitely agree the movie tugged at the audience’s heartstrings with its poignant messages as tears, laughter, and applause where not in short supply.

The tides are turning and gaining attention at the box office that faith-based movies can attract the masses and create mega-hits to be reckoned with. Directed by brothers Andrew and Joe Erwin, Andrew probably said it best…”God’s hand has been on this song and on this story from the beginning.”