‘Faith in the Water’: Texas Artists Come Together for Rebuild Texas Fund

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On November 17, the Texas Music Office took to their Facebook page to share the news that Pat Green, Wade Bowen, Josh Abbott Band, Cody Johnson, Jack Ingram, and Ray Benson, among others, had joined together to create a new musical track called “Faith in the Water” in a fundraising effort for the Hurricane Harvey relief project.

‘Faith in the Water’: Lone Star State Artists Come Together for Rebuild Texas Fund

Photo: Facebook/The Texas Red Dirt Choir

Together with these shining Texas stars, many more top Lone Star State country music performers have joined the project to sing and record the track which was written by Kyle Hutton and Roger Creager. A variety of Texas recording artists came together as The Texas Red Dirt Choir, recording and releasing it to help raise money for the Rebuild Texas Fund. Over 30 musicians came together for the project, which was coordinated for the most part at Bismeaux Studios in Austin, in the Texas Hill Country.

Those who were unable to physically attend for recording were able to sing their parts in studios nearby, and the sound of a gospel choir was also added to the track by Producer Clayton Corn, featuring members from his own church. Footage of this unique recording session was captured and edited together with pictures of the fallout from Hurricane Harvey for the music video, which would be premiering exclusively on Taste of Country.

‘Faith in the Water’: Lone Star State Artists Come Together for Rebuild Texas Fund

Photo: Facebook/The Texas Red Dirt Choir

Creager noted, “In the studio, someone called it the ‘We Are the World’ of Texas Red Dirt Music and it stuck! The musicians, production personnel and artists all rallying behind the effort is humbling and inspiring.” The Rebuild Texas Fund “…prioritizes the most vulnerable groups in need, focusing on children, the elderly, disabled individuals, and low-income families and communities. Funding goes to organizations working in four focus areas – health and housing; schools and child care; workforce and transportation; and capital for rebuilding small businesses.” For more information, visit