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Fake Anti-Donald Trump Signs on Popular San Antonio Restaurants Cause a Stir

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On Sunday, March 13, a photo of a sign that refused Trump supporters was found on San Antonio’s Mama Margie’s Mexican Café. Then, on Monday, March 14, a similar sign was found on the door of a San Antonio Taco Cabana.

Courtesy of MySanAntonio, the sign on Mama Margie’s Mexican Café stated:

Please Note:

Due to his consistent disparaging comments directed towards Mexicans. WE WILL NO LONGER BE SERVING DONALD TRUMP SUPPORTERS OR SYMPATHIZERS. Thank you for your cooperation – MGMT

Additionally, the sign on Taco Cabana read:

We stand with our fellow Mexican restaurants in thier efforts against hateful speech. We will also no longer be serving people who display support for the views of the Presidential candidate Donald Trump. You can’t have your taco and eat it, too.

Standing together.

Editor’s note: The word “their” is misspelled in the note on the door. 

Both businesses have had a similar reaction to the postings, with Mama Margie’s taking the biggest stance. Co-owner Susan O’Brien stated that the signs were not the doing of Mama Margie’s or their staff as “Mama’s is in the business of tacos, not politics.”

Meanwhile, the social commentary on the Taco Cabana posting brings up an excellent point as one user stated, “This local business may lose customers over this.”

Regardless of politics, let’s all leave tacos alone. They’ve been through too much lately here in Texas, what with the breakfast taco battle.