Falcon Finds Human Remains in Fort Worth Area

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While driving on I-20 in Parker County, two falconers pulled over to fix a flat tire. While they worked, they let their falcons stretch out their wings and fly around the area. When one of the birds uncharacteristically flew out of range, its caretaker followed it and found that the falcon discovered a human skull next to what could be more human remains.

According to Fox 4, authorities are not ready to draw any conclusions as to whom the remains belong to. “We’re not certain at this time if the remains are male or female, or of a specific time, manner or cause of death. Any answers at this point in the investigation would be pure speculation,” Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler said.

The Star-Telegram says the skull has surgical mesh and screws where an extensive surgery had taken place on the left eye region. (Photos of the skull can be found here.) Authorities will search through missing persons reports for the area, but they’re also hoping that someone might come forward with info to aid in the search. If you have any information about who this unidentified person could be, please contact the Parker County Sheriff’s Office at (817) 594-8845.