3 Ways to do Fall the Right Way in the Texas Hill Country

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When you think of fall time and the leaves changing color on the trees, your thoughts might take you to more wooded areas such as mountainous spots in the northeastern U.S. However, if you truly want to see the ultimate in autumn Texas beauty, the Hill Country is where you need to be. The fall colors in the Hill Country region are unparalleled, and its lush, rolling hills, and beautiful natural scenery set the stage for an amazing getaway. With wonderful views to excellent outdoor activities and exciting festive events, there’s plenty to see and do here in Texas. Here are three ways to do fall right in the Texas Hill Country:

1. Pack a Picnic

3 Ways to do Fall Right in the Texas Hill Country

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Take some food and your favorite bottle of Texas Hill Country wine and make a day of viewing the fall foliage over a wonderful picnic. With its rolling hills, limestone cliffs, historic towns, and some stunning fall foliage, the Texas Hill Country is a fall day-trip paradise. You can easily enjoy this time of year over some homegrown food, a great drink, and some friendly company!

2. Go Souvenir Shopping

3 Ways to do Fall Right in the Texas Hill Country

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Stopping at one of the many historic places that dot the highways and byways of the Texas Hill Country is sure to offer a plethora of places from which to make a souvenir shopping spree last all afternoon. The joy of being out on a road trip in the beautiful autumn scenery and securing a souvenir or two to remind you of your time there is a great way to commemorate the season and the region.

3. Plan for a Stay at an Area Bed & Breakfast

3 Ways to do Fall Right in the Texas Hill Country

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Taking a road trip through the Texas Hill Country in the fall is definitely a wonderful way to experience the season, but planning for a stay at an area bed & breakfast will help you make the most of it! Without the need to rush back to your home, you can relax, secure in the fact that you’ve found cozy fall time accommodations in a place that’s perhaps off the beaten path but also a bit homey. Get some hot chocolate and sit by a fireplace and you have the makings of a Norman Rockwell painting!