3 Great Fall Texas Date Ideas to Help You Fall Further in Love

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Texas has so many different places where you can take your sweetie to experience a one-of-a-kind Lone Star State date night in the fall! Whether you’re asking them out for the very first time, or you’re trying to re-ignite the flames, autumn in Texas is no better time. Narrowing down the most popular ideas, here are three great fall date ideas for you and your darlin’ to try. So, muster up the courage, ask, and see what kind of fall time magic can happen!

1. Take a Trip on a Hayride

3 Great Fall Texas Date Ideas to Help You Fall Further in Love

Photo: Facebook/Treworgy Family Orchards

Texas ranches are famed for their fall time hayrides, horseback events, and general trail riding activities. There are literally thousands of acres in which beautiful views can be the backdrop to your serendipitous time together. Setting out on a wagon, holding hands, smelling the hay (if you don’t have hay fever, that is) and smiling as you tell inside jokes, or quietly catch glimpses of one another while someone else steers the course isn’t a bad thing whatsoever. If you like to take charge of your trip and prefer a horseback trail ride, then more power to you – dates are meant to be somewhat spontaneous and fun, and you can have both on an adventure such as this.

2. Visit a Pumpkin Patch

3 Great Fall Texas Date Ideas to Help You Fall Further in Love

Photo: Pixabay

Getting outdoors in the fall time in Texas is a wonderful experience. Why not consider taking your date to an area pumpkin patch to invest in some quality time and perhaps some picture opportunities to remember it by? There are a number of festively decorated and designed pumpkin patches throughout Texas, most of which can be found online. The setting for a perfect afternoon date, this will allow for you and your love to hold hands, take a leisurely stroll, and maybe grab a cup of cider or a fall time treat to share. You never know where this autumn afternoon could take you!

3. Enjoy a Campfire

3 Great Fall Texas Date Ideas to Help You Fall Further in Love

Photo: Wikipedia

Scarce is the date that doesn’t want to see you put some elbow grease into the planning of a night alone together. That’s why setting up a cozy blanket and meal outside next to a crackling campfire will win you bonus points for effort. Sitting under the Texas stars, telling each other stories about prior campfire fun (or folly, depending on how much you really want them to know about you…) and simply sharing time together can be one of the most meaningful things that can happen to a couple. Enjoy the planning, get rid of the butterflies in your stomach, and just sweep your loved one off their feet – Texas-style!