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Families Can Rent Backyard Chickens to Get Super Fresh Eggs

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Coming to raising chickens is a big deal. It requires building a coop, keeping their living space clean, and of course, tending to the health of the feathered inhabitants. But, the rewards can definitely outweigh all of the hard work since chickens make for interesting pets, they provide eggs, and they make pretty cute clucking sounds. Rent the Chicken knows that many people have weighed the positives and negatives of having backyard chickens, so they’ve decided to take a great deal of the work out of the equation.

According to their website, Rent the Chicken, brings all of the supplies needed to keep backyard chickens directly to your home, such as a “portable chicken coop, two or four egg laying hens, 100-200 pounds of feed (optional non-GMO or Organic feed available), food & water dishes as well as instructions on how to keep your chickens happy!” And renters get to keep all of the fresh eggs!

After the rental period has concluded, customers can choose to adopt the chickens or have Rent the Chicken take them back. KHOU quotes Rent the Chicken operator Suzanne Gose, as saying, “[Customers] can try having farm fresh eggs, and if it doesn’t work out, and they ‘chicken out,’ we can take them back to the farm, and it’s OK,”

Rent the Chicken is available across the U.S. and in Central Texas, the DFW area, and the Houston area. Find out more here.