Survey Says, Family Feud Auditions Are Taking Place in Dallas

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Do you have four other family members that you could rope into appearing on an episode of “Family Feud?” If you do, send in an audition request for the show’s next casting call in Dallas!

Radio station 103.7 wrote on their blog that the exact location of the auditions will only be revealed to those who get confirmation that they’re eligible to try-out. It seems like “Family Feud” is trying to avoid the ridiculously long lines and audition processes that plague shows like “American Idol” or “So You Think You Can Dance.”

It appears that the Family Feud website is not listing the Dallas date just yet as auditions in Detroit are taking place a month sooner, but you can send an email with photos (and a short video) in order to entice the casting directors to pick your family. Their website also lists how you can audition via a longer video with specific eligibility criteria.

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