Family Helpline Equals Peace of Mind in CPS Cases—And it’s Free

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Texas is founded on some innate concepts, including dignity and respect. We continue to support the fact that all of its residents deserve a life that’s free from harm, physically and emotionally. We share this state with just over 28 million others and, according to 2016 statistics, at least one-quarter of those are minors (under the age of 18). The data and headlines regarding Child Protective Services (CPS) cases in the state of Texas are staggering. For many a family, caregiver, or community member, working through the system to ensure a child is properly supported and loved can seem daunting, but not insurmountable. That’s where the Family Helpline from the Texas Legal Services Center (TLSC) comes in.

The Texas Legal Services Center, is a non-profit that works toward justice for all Texans, no matter their earnings. They provide free legal counseling and advice on a variety of issues to people throughout the state. One of their most popular services is that of the Family Helpline. In particular, it assists those who have an interest in cases dealing with Texas Child Protective Services. Be they family members working to protect their children, placement matters, child welfare concerns, or caregivers and community members wanting to ensure no child gets lost in a system meant to help them, the TLSC is there to assist.

Family Helpline Equals Peace of Mind in CPS Cases—And it’s Free

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Child Protective Services cases can be complicated and confusing. The consequences for families can be serious and hard to manage. When a family can’t afford an attorney to help them in the process, the Texas Legal Services Center can assist through the Family Helpline, filling the knowledge gap with free legal information and guidance.

Through the provision of free CPS-related legal information and education, TLSC is a helping hand to those in need. The advice that they extend is provided by experienced child welfare attorneys, and it’s all handled over the phone. In many instances, callers have opted to remain anonymous, which is a request observed with the utmost respect and handled accordingly. No names, addresses, social security numbers, birthdates, nor children’s names are ever required in these instances for those who call to obtain the help that they need.

Family Helpline Equals Peace of Mind in CPS Cases—And it’s Free

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The Family Helpline is open from Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. It’s answered directly by child welfare attorneys. No calls are rerouted through operators or assistants. In the instance where an attorney isn’t available, callers can leave a voicemail, which will be returned within one business day. The Texas Legal Services Center takes calls from parents, relatives, caregivers, and concerned community members. They help with any questions related to child protective services in the state of Texas. Those looking to connect with the TLSC Family Helpline can call 1-844-888-6565 and get the help that they deserve. Peace of mind and the support that you need is just a phone call away.