Farm-to-Table: An All-Texas Beer is in the Works & It’s Worth the Wait

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Is there Texas-grown yeast? At least one brewer, Jester King Brewery west of Austin, has been using wild yeast from the air for years. This is tricky for brewers, though, as they don’t know exactly what strains of yeast will show up, and consistency is difficult. Allison, a brewer at Jester King, says that their farmhouse ale reflects their local area through the unique yeast cultures they use, although they take longer to ferment and condition than the more standard yeasts. This Dripping Springs area brewery uses some malt from Blacklands Malt and plans to expand their Texas resume by growing hops on their property.

An all-Texas beer may never be mainstream, and it will never be the lowest priced beer, but it is definitely on the way. And, it will be worth the wait.

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