Farmer’s Son Heroically Saves Clydesdales from Burning Barn

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A teenager recently made headlines by saving more than a dozen Clydesdales from a burning barn in Georgia, including a 3-week-old foal and a pregnant horse mom-to-be.

The Martins, who own the farm Classic City Clydesdales, were shocked when, early into the morning, lightning struck their horse barn and set it ablaze. The flames were surrounding the Clydesdales, including a 3-week-old foal, and the barn doors were locked with no power to get the doors open.

Instead, Macon Martin, the 16-year-old son of Mark and Shannon Martin, jumped into “the Gator and [he] just ran it right into the door.” He “had no clothes on, no shoes, no nothing.” The John Deere bolted through the locked doors, and the family was able to move the horses to safety.

Shannon Martin told USA Today, “he busted through like Rambo and opened up the end of the stalls.”

Though the horses are safe, thankfully, the Martins will have to rebuild the barn themselves, brick by brick. However, the main attraction of their farm, their Clydesdales, are safe, sound, and all accounted for, even the foal.