This Father Crosses the Border with Children Everyday for a Better Education

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Jose Luis Dominguez walks his two kids, 7-year-old Luis and 8-year-old Kayla, to school and back every day. He has done so for the past two years. The journey takes the trio a mile and includes a trip over the Hidalgo International Bridge that joins the U.S. to Mexico.

Mexican parents can enroll their children in schools in the U.S. by taking part in a special program or charter schools. Walking in the summer heat along the border is not easy, but the alternative is unacceptable for the family.

WFAA quotes Dominguez as saying, “I bring them to school every day. We cross the border so they can have a better education. Because schooling is better here than in Mexico. It’s ugly across the border. Kids are being abducted. It’s better here [in the U.S.], safer, knowing that nothing will happen.”

Dominguez finds this to be the best thing he can do for his children since his job at a fast food restaurant does not allow him enough money to move across the border. For now, they will continue to cross the border on foot every day to take part in what Dominguez feels is a better alternative for their education.