Father and Daughter Came Across a Big Diamond in a State Park

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Dan Frederick and his daughter Lauren were walking around Crater of Diamonds State Park, searching for the glitter of a diamond. According to KSLA, after only an hour, the pair found a huge “2.03-carat white diamond.”

Lauren told the news, “My dad and I have always loved to hunt for gems–we’ve dug for sapphires and garnets and always search for agates when we’re on the Washington coast…As much as we have talked about the trip and planned it out, I think we’re still kind of in shock that we found something as big and beautiful as our ‘Lucky Diamond.'”

Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, AR allows visitors to search over 37 acres of their ancient volcanic crater land. People can either surface search or dry sift in order to find diamonds which are waiting, undiscovered, throughout the state park. Surface searching involves simply walking along and looking for sparkle among the dull dirt, much like looking for seashells in the sand. (But the grounds also hold mica which can deceive some visitors.) Dry sifting involves using a mesh box to sift through the dirt, hoping to find a desirable diamond.

Experts are on hand at the Diamond Discovery Center to help people access what they find, but most visitors can’t expect to find a huge gem like the one Dan and Lauren discovered!

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