Favored Honey Holes for Fishing the Texas Hill Country

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Creeks, rivers and streams, and lakes that sparkle in the sunlight as the wind gently makes ripples enough for your bobber to bounce, are all it takes to make a fisherman/woman happy in the Texas Hill Country. Some of the most breathtaking views here are often backdrops for many of the best fishing days and stories to come out of Texas. With an abundance of water features, both natural and man-made, not to mention an abundance of fish, the conditions couldn’t be more perfect on most days, giving anglers a number of chances to reel one in. Here are three of our favored honey holes for fishing the Texas Hill Country, and we’re sure you’ll have a few more to add!

1. San Saba River, Near Menard

Favored Honey Holes for Fishing the Texas Hill Country

Photo: Facebook/Kay Wheeler

Near the town of Menard, the San Saba River gives you a wilderness fishing adventure unlike any other in Texas. A transitional area between the Hill Country and the Panhandle, a four or five-mile float along the San Saba can get you a good eight to ten hours of fishing on this slow-moving river with great undercuts in its banks, and deep fish-rich pools.

2. Guadalupe River, Below Canyon Lake Dam

Favored Honey Holes for Fishing the Texas Hill Country

Photo: Facebook/Ray Sutton

Home to Rio Grande perch and Guadalupe bass (both native to the Texas Hill Country), the Guadalupe River is also stocked annually in fall and winter with brown and rainbow trout by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, together with a year-round stocking of freshwater trout. Suitable for wading, at a flow of 300 cubic feet per second (cfs), the river bottom is a mixture of cobble and limestone, and is home to some good catches feeding on midge, caddisfly and mayfly hatches.

3. Cypress Creek, Wimberley

Favored Honey Holes for Fishing the Texas Hill Country

Photo: Facebook/Nicholls Photo

Starting at Jacob’s Well and emptying into the Blanco River, Cypress Creek is a spring-fed angler’s challenge, which makes it a great spot for the “one that got away.” Much of this creek is on private land, however, there are small public sections in Wimberley, which can be accessed through the town square park. Considered the best place to fish the creek, the Lodge at Cypress Falls is a great section to fish as well, but it’s also private, charging a fee to fish. The waters of the creek itself can be so crystal clear in places that it’s easy for an angler to carelessly spook the fish, making it the challenge that it’s known to be.