Favorite Guns of Famous Texans: The Guns of Lone Star State History

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A firearm is one of the most effective, powerful, and revolutionary weapons ever made. Samuel Colt, who made the first commercially-viable revolver, had this to say about the impact of his legendary Colt revolvers, “If God didn’t make all men equal, Samuel Colt did.” Guns have evolved to serve many purposes. Here are a few favorite guns of famous Texans!

You might have read about them, seen them on the big screen, and perhaps witnessed them in person at a museum. Now you can own the same guns these famous Texans once carried. Find many of these firearms at, the quick and efficient way to buy guns online. Whether you want a classic or modern weapon for your household, has the knowledge and professional creditability to be your one-stop-shop choice for guns, ammunition, magazines, and more.

Bonnie Parker’s Snub-Nosed .38

Favorite Guns of Famous Texans: The Guns of Lone Star State History

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The infamous Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were outlaws and lovers in the 1930s. They knocked off banks and gas stations, leading one of the most well-known crime sprees in American history. Bonnie was born in the little town of Rowena, Texas, in 1910. During her outlaw days with Clyde, she was discreet about where she carried her Colt .38 revolver. She wore a red dress and fastened the gun with white medical tape to her inner thigh. Although they probably wouldn’t suggest tape to secure it to your person, sells a variety of similar .38 revolvers at this link.

Frank Hamer’s Colt Single Action Army .45

Favorite Guns of Famous Texans: The Guns of Lone Star State History

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Born in Fairview, Wilson County, Texas, Frank Hamer is remembered for being one of the Texas Rangers who hunted and killed Bonnie and Clyde. He bought a gun specifically for the manhunt, a Colt Super .38. It’s the Colt Single Action Army .45, however, that he liked enough to nickname it “Old Lucky.” It’s said he had both guns on him the day he and his posse took down the famed criminals. Get your Colt Single Action Army revolver here.

Adolf Topperwein’s Winchester

Favorite Guns of Famous Texans: The Guns of Lone Star State History

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Texas sharpshooter Ad Topperwein set a world record in 1907 with Winchester model 1903 .22-caliber rifles. He fired 72,500 times at thrown blocks of wood and only missed nine times. Topperwein bought the ammunition himself and shot seven hours a day for ten days straight. His record has yet to be beaten. sells a wide range of excellent .22 rifles.

Walker, Texas Ranger, Taurus PT92

Favorite Guns of Famous Texans: The Guns of Lone Star State History

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Granted, Cordell Walker is the only one of the famous Texans showcased here who happens to be fictional, but our list wouldn’t be complete without Walker and his preferred weapon. On the TV show “Walker, Texas Ranger,” the Taurus PT92 was used as a stand-in for the Beretta 92. It was carried by many characters in the show such as Cordell Walker (Chuck Norris), villains, military personal, and law enforcement. The guns had custom-made pearl grips with the Rangers’ star and nickel plating. You don’t have to be in a TV show to have this handy weapon by your side. Click here to see the Taurus guns available from

Chris Kyle’s 300 Winchester Magnum Sniper Rifle

Favorite Guns of Famous Texans: The Guns of Lone Star State History

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Chris Kyle was one of the world’s deadliest snipers and a decorated soldier, in addition to being the subject of the Clint Eastwood film “American Sniper.” Before he died, he was interviewed about his guns, and he had a few favorites. His first choice, the firearm he had the most kills with, was his 300 Winchester Magnum Sniper rifle. It was a manual bolt action, custom barrel, McMillan stock, with the action of the Remington 700 rifle, a rifle available for civilian purchase and often used for hunting. Buy your own Remington 700 rifle here.

Willie Nelson’s Shotgun

Favorite Guns of Famous Texans: The Guns of Lone Star State History

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Willie Nelson was born in Abbott, Texas in 1933. He’s known as one of the most famous Texans and greatest songwriters/performers of all time, but did you know he’s also famous for his talent with a gun? The famous song “Shotgun Willie” was written after a real-life gunfight that earned Willie the nickname. According to Joe Nick Patoski’s biography “Willie Nelson: An Epic Life,” Willie heard that his daughter was being mistreated by her husband. Willie warned his son-in-law to leave his daughter alone, but according to Patoski’s book, when he showed up at Willie’s house and fired at him, Willie fired back with a shotgun. Willie’s son-in-law sped away, but the musician knew he’d be back. Willie waited, this time with an M-1 rifle. When his son-in-law returned, Willie Nelson fired the rifle and caused his son-in-law to surrender with his hands up, according to the account in Patoski’s biography. has a wide range of shotguns and rifles! Get your rifles here and your shotguns here.

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