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FDA Releases New Treatment for Noise Anxiety in Dogs

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The FDA recently approved a drug called Sileo which will help keep your pooch from having anxiety when loud noises are taking over the sky. During the 4th of July weekend, many people notice that their dog is disturbed by the loud booms, and often, those pups have issues with thunderstorms as well.

WFAA 8 reports that North Texas vets like Dr. Matt Murphy are already prescribing Sileo for pet owners to administer to their dogs at home. Dr. Murphy says the effects normally last from 2-3 hours, but can work for up to 5 hours. The medicine can also be administered again if the loudness continues.

Sileo uses ingredients that are in IV fluids given to dogs to sedate them, but when it’s absorbed through the mouth (not swallowed), it lowers noise sensitivity. The drug does not make the dog feel overly lethargic or change their personality. Dog owners will insert a little plastic tube on the side of their dog’s mouth to give them the medication.

It’s worth noting that it may not help in thunderstorms if the electricity in the air is what produces anxiety in your dog. Sileo is most effective for noise phobia. Hopefully, this medical advancement can help worried pooches calm down during noisy storms and holidays.