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Feeding Evacuees & First-Responders Following Harvey

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While many first-responders are still busy in their Harvey relief efforts following the flooding of low-lying coastal areas, including the city of Houston, some Texas food establishments are doing their best to do their part in making sure these people are also well fed.

Feeding Evacuees & First-Responders Following Harvey

Photo: Facebook/Peli Peli Kitchen

ABC 13 reported that Peli Peli Kitchen was presently in the midst of providing 20,000 meals to the American Red Cross, which has been an ongoing operation on top of which they’ve invited first responders to come and eat free-of-charge at their location. Similarly, they noted that Killen’s BBQ and Kellen’s Burgers are working to fundraise $200,000 in order to provide 30,000 meals to feed evacuees and first-responders. The link for their GoFundMe page is provided here.

Feeding Evacuees & First-Responders Following Harvey

Photo: Facebook/B&B Butchers & Restaurant

In a Facebook post on her personal page, Christina Amos noted that Texas Roadhouse’s Mobile Kitchen unit was en route to Houston on August 29 to feed first-responders, and many more food establishments, fast-food, dessert, and gourmet even, were stepping forward to feed Houston’s heroes. B&B Butchers were even cited as offering a complimentary “Houston Heroes” menu to help feed all first-responders over this past weekend, and where they were unable to attend the establishment, they were also donating and delivering more than 1,000 meals to evacuees and the first-responders directly. It’s heartwarming news items such as these that show not only Texas resilience, but also Texas love, hope, and helping hands.