Pop on These Foot Pads If You Want to Walk Around (Almost) Barefoot

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“Forget your flip-flops,” the slogan reads on the NakeFit website. For those who love to go barefoot but want to keep the soles of their feet protected from the hot concrete, floors at the spa, a slightly rocky terrain, or rough pool surfaces, NakeFit provides an alternative. But admittedly, you might look kinda weird when you’re wearing them.

Available only through a Kickstarter campaign, for now, NakeFit is an adhesive pad that comes in pink, black, and light blue. Users peel off the backing and adhere the sticky sole to the bottom of their foot, giving them an extra layer of protection against the elements and slipping on floors. Invented in Italy, the foot stickers look surprisingly comfortable. Be prepared for the question: “What are those?” from strangers. Ten pairs come in a pack, and each can be worn for up to 24 hours.

“Forget about carrying around stupid flip flops and sandals!” a man with an Italian accent exclaims. Even if you can’t imagine sticking a pad on the bottom of your feet, their commercial is pretty entertaining to watch! It will be interesting to hear the reviews once the products are released in September to backers of the Kickstarter campaign.