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Female-Run Shoot Smart Gun Range Could Become Most Popular Chain in Texas

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With a location in Fort Worth, Grand Prairie and the soon-to-be-open location in Benbrook, Shoot Smart Indoor Gun Range says they’re planning on becoming the most popular chain of gun ranges in Texas.

Shoot Smart stands out from other ranges since it’s mainly run by women. While their clientele is still 60 percent men, Shoot Smart knows that many women would appreciate learning how to shoot and practice gun safety in an environment where they feel welcome. And that begins with visibility. CEO Roxanne Laney told WFAA, “I think the way to get women to come to your range is to have women behind the counter.”

The company has rave reviews on their Facebook page. Gareth Grimes gave them five stars and stated, “Always a great experience. Even when they are busy they take the time to fully answer any questions and provide suggestions and help. I recommend using the online check-in feature to get your place in line.”

Shoot Smart’s website has a digital line available here for the Fort Worth and Grand Prairie locations. This way, customers can get updates on when their lane will become available. They can conveniently run errands or get a bite to eat in the meantime.