Fidget Spinners Are the Newest Classroom Toy Craze

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If you don’t have a child in school, you might not have heard about the newest classroom craze. They’re called fidget spinners, and the small, handheld objects were conceived as a stress reducer toy or a distraction for those with ADHD. Kids spin the objects around on their fingers, and they can channel some of their energy through the toy to focus on other tasks with more easily.

“What’s surprising is that a mini-device that seems to be effective for kids with ADHD and autism is now mainstreamed,” Pediatrician Scott Krugman told ABC 2. The news station also spoke with a local toy store owner who said she could barely keep the objects in stock.

While many teachers don’t see an issue with the fidget spinners in their classroom, some schools and individual teachers have banned the objects. WRAL quotes a teacher’s email to parents as saying, “Fidget Spinners: They are no longer allowed in class because they are a distraction. They have not helped any student stay focused (except for focusing on doing tricks during instruction).”

As with any craze, the fervor will slowly die down as the next toy takes over, but for now, the toys usually ranging in price from $3 – $20 will keep kids amused. And as Krugman hopes, it might even extend a sense of understanding for kids struggling with ADHD.

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