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‘…Field of New Life’ Llano Bluebonnet Video Closes CBS Sunday Morning and Texans Couldn’t be More Proud

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In a beautiful display of what nature has gifted the Texas Hill Country, Terry “Tex” Toler (writer, photographer, conservationist, and longtime proponent of all things Texas – Llano in particular), shared a video on his Facebook page of a segment that CBS Sunday Morning aired as its closing montage. Including bluebonnets blooming, robins chirping, and butterflies lighting on wildflowers in lovely Llano, Texas, it was both poignant and peaceful as we enter into the “new life” season of spring.

The show, hosted by Jane Pauley (who has taken over for longtime host Charles Osgoode), regularly sets out on Sundays to provide quality reporting on performing arts news stories coupled with interviews focused on integral figures in pop culture, art, politics, as well as entertainment. In a departure from the norm, this network Sunday morning show has a different pace, providing a quick update of the day’s news and national weather before going into its lengthier topics on the subjects identified above. In the show’s signature closing, they frequently reference interesting, relatable, not to mention soothing Sunday fodder in video form to wrap up their broadcast, and this past Sunday, it caught Toler’s eye specifically, being filmed in Llano.

The 40-second clip features the iconic CBS Sunday Morning sun emblem, followed by a brief introductory commentary identifying leaving the viewer with “…new life. Spring flowers blossoming in Llano, Texas.” With that, the on-screen videography credit is provided to Scot Miller, who perfectly captured the essence of Texas Hill Country bluebonnets, Llano’s lush spring landscape, and all that makes up the promise of spring! It’s an extremely powerful and peaceful piece.